FritzS Learning, we provides educational tools to help parents and teachers to do teaching. A fun way for homeschooling. Bring more fun to the classroom. The educational tools cover teaching topics from fine motor skills development, early math skill concepts, language development to social emotional learning.

Colorful world to the child! Learn from playing!

Fine Motor Skills

Fine Motor Skills

Fine motor skill is the coordination of small muscles in movement with... 



With math tools from FritzS Learning, building new skills is as easy... 

Check out on our tools for fine motor skills development!

  • STEM - Learning Math

    Learn the Base Ten Strategy with FritzS Gummy Bears Math Set, a yummy and sweeties way to attract attention from the kids. Click here to take the lecture. Something outside the instruction guide that comes with the product.

  • Boost Early Language Skills

    Build up 104 vocabularies in less than 26 days, the Smart Match™ Alphabet Rocket is a great homeschool tools for early language development. Click here to take the lecture .

  • Social and Emotional Learning (SEL)

    Quoted from Jean Piaget, “play provides the child with the live, dynamic, individual language indispensable for expression of [the child’s] subjective feelings for which collective language alone is inadequate.” Click here to take the lecture.